Hello, Everyone!

Aidan RoosEvans races his 600cc mini-sprint car around the track at Bedrock Raceway.

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated my page here! I have to say A LOT of things have changed for me. So buckle up, hold on and enjoy the ride!

First, I’ve retired from Flattrack racing – I’m moving from two to four wheels! But, more on that below … ☺ With the 14 National AMA titles I’ve earned at the “old age” of 10, I would like to give a huge thanks to God, to all of my sponsors – FRA Financial Group and Midland States Bank – as well as my Mom & Dad for helping me all these years to fulfill my dream! Here’s looking forward to a great future with you, and I hope to make you proud!

Earlier this year, I decided to make a change, and we began racing go-karts. I started the year in the Rookie spot in the Jr. 1 class at Bedrock Raceway. Proud to say I finished 1st! Then, Mr. Keith Freber, owner of Margay Racing, gave me an awesome ride here in St. Louis, and I finished their year with 1st Place in the Rookie Division down at Gateway Motorsports Park! A huge “Thank You” to everyone that helped me accomplish so much in such a short time! I’ve enjoyed the heck of out of it. Every. Single. Day!!!

This summer is where things REALLY got fast! Hold on! I’ve posted some great pictures of this bad boy! It’s a 600cc mini-sprint car that I have to say has been a blast to drive! Some GREAT people have taken me under their wings: Mark Gass, my new mechanic, Brett Anderson, my new driving coach, and Ed Hoeffken, who has given me an awesome track to get my groove on!!!! ☺ Thanks guys, you’ve been a blessing for me!

I’m leaving for Texas in couple weeks to race in the Texas Longhorn Track down in Mesquite! A bit nervous but super excited to chase my dream!

NASCAR … Here I come!!!!!

See you in Victory Lane,

Aidan ☺